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  • What are the Benefits of Custom Orthotics?
    If you are experiencing foot or ankle problems or want to improve your foot health, one of the best conservative treatments that our podiatrists at Tipton & Unroe Foot & Ankle Read more
  • Foot Care Tips for Diabetes
    Each year, the number of people who have diabetes have been increasing, with over 10% of the US population reported to have diabetes in 2020. While medication, changes to diet and Read more
  • Why Does My Heel Hurt?
    Experiencing pain in your heels is a real bummer, especially since it’s the first thing that strikes the ground when you walk. Whether you’re just waking up, exercising, or simply Read more
  • Stay Fit Even with an Injured Foot
    One of the most dreaded phrases for an active person is “keep off your feet as much as possible!” Anyone who has a regimented fitness routine hates the idea of Read more
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should See a Podiatrist
    If you schedule dental visits or yearly health exams and screenings, then you understand the importance of regular, preventative care. It is the same reason why you should not neglect Read more

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