Foot Care Tips for Diabetes

Foot Care Tips for Diabetes

Each year, the number of people who have diabetes have been increasing, with over 10% of the US population reported to have diabetes in 2020. While medication, changes to diet and lifestyle are important aspects of treatment, foot care is often overlooked. 

High blood glucose levels that result from diabetes can lead to a variety of health problems, including decreased immunity, poor circulation, kidney issues, heart problems, nerve damage, and skin issues, especially in the feet. Since the body’s ability to fight infections and heal is impaired, any injuries to the feet can quickly worsen if overlooked. This high risk of foot complications is why our podiatrists at Tipton & Unroe Foot & Ankle Care recommend these foot care tips for our diabetic patients:

Regular visits with a podiatrist

First and foremost, it is important to have a podiatrist that can help manage your foot health. A foot doctor can prescribe custom orthotics, or specialized shoes to help prevent wounds, ulcers, and infections. 

Daily foot checks

Nerve damage can make feeling injuries difficult, which is why doing foot checks everyday can help prevent infections. Even small cuts, blisters, or calluses can result in serious consequences.

Good foot hygiene

Keeping your feet clean is an important way to prevent potential foot issues, including nail fungus, athlete’s foot, and corns. Keep toenails trimmed, and don’t forget to clean and dry in between the toes!

Prevent cracked heels

Diabetes can often lead to very dry skin, which can be a problem when it affects the heels. Dry, thickened skin on the heels can result in heel fissures, another potential for developing  infections. Applying moisturizer can help prevent excessive dryness, but stay clear of the area between the toes.

Protect your feet

Avoiding injuries is a crucial part of diabetic foot care. Keep your feet covered and protected with properly-fitting shoes. Never walk around barefoot, especially in public areas. 

Stay active

Exercise is beneficial for everyone, but it is especially important if you have diabetes. Consult with a podiatrist to determine how to protect your feet while staying active. 

Get high-quality care

Staying on top of your diabetes requires a supportive, experienced team of health care providers. Podiatrists should be a part of that team to keep your foot health in check and prevent serious health complications. Whether you notice a blister, wound, changes in sensation in your feet, or you need recommendations on orthotics or prescription shoes, our compassionate, expert foot doctors can provide high-quality podiatric care! If you need an appointment, contact any of our offices in Louisville and Bardstown, KY today!

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