Stay Fit Even with an Injured Foot

Stay Fit Even with an Injured Foot

One of the most dreaded phrases for an active person is “keep off your feet as much as possible!” Anyone who has a regimented fitness routine hates the idea of having to stop. A foot injury can be daunting for anyone used to being consistently active. 

Routines are sacred and they can be tough to give up and to restart after a lax period. Our foot doctors here at Tipton & Unroe Foot & Ankle Care say that a foot injury doesn’t mean you need to cease all physical activity! Just because we tell you to stay off of a recent ankle sprain or give your plantar fasciitis some rest does not mean you need to become a couch potato.  

That’s why we put together this list of activities to stay active even with a foot or ankle injury. 

First though, a word of caution: if you have an injury, talk to us or your primary care physician before beginning any new exercise routine. You absolutely don’t want to slow down your healing or exacerbate a current injury. 

Take a dip 

Swimming is a fantastic low-impact sport. Your feet don’t have to bear your weight while you’re swimming and it’s a great full-body workout! 

Switch to upper body 

You can work out your upper body while sitting, which will keep your foot safe. You can perform lifts, curls, and punches that will help tone your arms and get your heart pumping. Try spinning your arms forward and backward like you’re jumping rope or boxing your arms upward, downward, and outward to work your core as well. Free weights will help keep your upper body in shape as well. 

Focus on your core 

Speaking of the core, try some simple exercises that focus on strengthening your abdominal muscles and back. A lot of these exercises can be done while sitting, lying, or using a stability ball.  

We know that missing your usual workout can be frustrating, but a foot injury doesn’t have to be the end of the line! As long as you stay in touch with our foot doctors to monitor recovery and listen to your body, you can stay active and strong. If your foot injury is not improving or you have any other foot and ankle concerns, contact Tipton & Unroe Foot & Ankle Care offices in Louisville, Bardstown, and LaGrange, KY, or you can request an appointment online!

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