Ways to Prevent Your Bunions from Worsening

Ways to Prevent Your Bunions from Worsening

Bunions are a very common condition we treat here at Tipton & Unroe Foot and Ankle Care, and unfortunately, many of our patients only come in once they have progressed to a very painful and advanced stage. Bunions affect the big toe joint, which shifts out of alignment and pushes the big toe towards the other toes, leaving a big painful bump. While some have a genetic predisposition to developing bunions, in many cases they are caused by tight shoes, abnormal foot mechanics, and arthritis. Prevent worsening of your bunions by following these tips:

Avoid tight or narrow shoes. Opt for roomier toe boxes for plenty of room for your toes.

Have a podiatrist create custom orthotics for you. Creating insoles that provide tailored support and cushioning to your feet can help reduce pain and correct abnormal foot mechanics like pronation that contribute to bunions. 

Wear night time splints. A special night time splint can help position your joint correctly.

Do exercises and stretches. There are many stretches and exercises that can help increase flexibility in the joint and strengthen the muscles to maintain proper positioning.

Physical therapy. PT can provide many ways to reduce pain, decrease inflammation, and regain normal range of movement in your joints.

Wear supportive shoes. Instead of wearing flip flops and sandals that provide little support, opt for comfortable footwear that have wide toe boxes, flexible material, and sturdy soles. Look for certified shoes that have been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

See a podiatrist

If these methods alone do not help your bunion from worsening, be sure to seek further treatment from an experienced podiatrist. For severe cases that do not respond to these conservative methods, advanced procedures like bunion surgery may be necessary.

At Tipton & Unroe Foot and Ankle Care, our team of board-certified podiatrists treat patients with bunions and other foot problems with great success. From foot deformities and sports injuries, to heel pain and diabetic foot problems, our foot doctors are skilled to treat a wide range of foot and ankle issues with compassion, precision, and care. Contact our offices in Louisville, Bardstown, and LaGrange, KY to schedule an appointment today!

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