The Importance of Winter Footwear

The Importance of Winter Footwear

The holiday season is one of the most magical times of year! The festive decorations, beautiful lights, and snow-covered scenery can stir the soul in a positive way. Unfortunately, harsh winter weather can also bring icy roads, slick walkways, and other treacheries that come with freezing temperatures! It’s important to take proper safety precautions, including wearing the right shoes.

Some people – especially if they were born in warmer climates – don't realize the importance of winter footwear. Whether you’re walking to work or heading out on a stroll to see the pretty lights, what you put on your feet can make or break your trek. Here are some of the most important reasons to wear the right footwear this winter season:

They keep your feet warm

There are plenty of ways to keep warm indoors: a cozy fire, a warm drink, a heated blanket. However, if you’re outdoors, it’s important to keep your feet warm. Warmer feet help open your blood vessels up, allowing better blood flow and keeping the rest of your body warm. This flowing blood also helps to boost your immune system and maintain good energy. 

Thermal socks under water-resistant winter boots are a surefire way to keep your feet warm. If you have more sensitive feet, here are a few other options that might help:

  • Electric heated socks
  • Thermal sock liners
  • Insulated footbeds
  • Disposable toe warmers

They keep your feet dry

Fungal infections thrive on wet feet, especially in the areas between the toes. Keeping your feet dry throughout the day is a surefire way to avoid foot fungus and blisters, which could lead to greater health issues.

To keep your feet dry and healthy, search for shoes that are built with waterproof technology. The outer layers of waterproof boots and shoes are built to keep water out, while still allowing for breathability so moisture build-up from sweat is also reduced.

They prevent injury

Slushy, icy, wet conditions cause safety issues anywhere you’re walking. If you’re headed out on a walk on a snowy day, slipping is always a hazard ahead of you! Slipping on ice could cause a life-long injury, so you definitely want to avoid it.

To prevent a slipping injury, your best bet is to find footwear that offers anti-slip technology. Winter boots with extra grip in the soles will provide you with the right amount of traction for when slipping hazards are prominent.

High-quality foot and ankle care

If you’re dealing with an injury or issue due to the cold weather, or you’re curious which winter footwear we recommend, contact Tipton & Unroe Foot & Ankle Care! Our team of dedicated podiatrists are here to diagnose, treat, and prevent your foot and ankle concerns, from sports injuries, bunions, heel pain, to nerve and toenail issues. To schedule an appointment, contact us at any of our offices in Louisville and Bardstown!

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